Good morning or rather a good evening - so we welcome the autumn menu. On Friday evening we will greet you not only with delicious dishes from the new menu but also with great wine - everything will be seasoned with a jazz concert that will emphasize the atmosphere. Dinner would not be good enough without the chef's comment. Jonasz Jasiński will be passionate about what will be on your plates this fall. But what would dinner be without wine? Especially for you, we invited Marcin Sarnowski from M&P, who is an expert in this field. Dinner will consist of four dishes in the options: vege or meat/fish. For this reason everyone will be happy. Space is limited, so you must hurry!

We start at 20:00.

The cost of dinner: 119 PLN.

Selected wines for dinner: 49 PLN.

Invitations to purchase in Serwus. See you there!