Veganbanda in Serwus!

In our restaurant we serve European dishes. Our guests have the opportunity to taste real Italian pizza, light salads, delicious desserts, as well as fish and meat compositions, which are combined with seasonal additions. That's why even a "regular" pork creeps the guests' palates.

Before every menu change we carefully choose the dishes and their ingredients, so that the variations of taste effectively hit the tastes of our guests. Bearing in mind all food preferences we make every effort to ensure that guests who love vegetable cuisine while visiting our restaurant do not feel left out.

Each time we are extremely pleased when someone appreciates our efforts. The smile, contentment and kind words from our guests are a special reward for us for our hard work. All the more we are grateful to Veganband for the positive opinion that the authors of the blog shared with their readers after visiting Serwus!


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